Children in Worship Discussion 6/2 & 6/19

The RE Council will be hosting 2 post-sermon discussions for you to ask questions, voice concerns and ideas, and hear about the approach to multigenerational worship that we will be experimenting with this summer.

These will take place on June 2nd and 19th after the service in the sanctuary. Grab a cup of tea and come catch the vision for a summer of beautiful multigenerational worship!

You can read more about the specific changes coming to RE to help you prepare for our conversation!

RE Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon 6/9

We couldn’t offer the awesome programming and community-building opportunities for our children and youth that we do if not for our tireless team of volunteers. Did you know that it takes approximately 34 volunteers to keep our Religious Exploration programs up and running? That’s a lot of people contributing their time and energy to the care and development of our tiniest beloveds!

All RE Volunteers from the Grandfolks Squad, Nursery Care Team, Spirit Play Guides, Youth Advisors, and RE Council members are invited to attend a luncheon in Rooms 6 B&C at 11:45 on June 9th. Register HERE to help us prepare.

Parents, it would be lovely if you would sign up to contribute an item to the luncheon for those who care for our littles throughout the church year. Signups for food contributions can be accessed HERE!

If you have any questions about attending or contributing, contact Skyla (

Family Picnic 5/26

Whole Family Hike and Picnic

Nursery, Spirit Play, and YRUU families are invited to a hike and picnic with Rev. Jill and Skyla after the service on May 26th. Please REGISTER HERE!

We’ll depart from UUFC at 11:45 and meet at the Fitton Green trailhead (parking is limited, so carpooling is encouraged) and make the short hike out to the viewpoint to eat together. This is a great chance for parents and siblings to get to know one another. 

Bring your own picnic lunch, sunscreen, and water bottle. The hike is short, the view is great, and the company will be greater!

If we have fewer than 3 families register, we will cancel the event and notify registered participants via email.

Direct questions to Skyla at

Aging Successfully in Community, 5/1

Wednesday, May 1, 3-5 pm in the UUFC Sanctuary

“Moving along in life and aiming to thrive!”

At our May meeting, we are pursuing two interests: the ups and downs of deciding whether to stay put in our current home or to move on to a smaller place… or one that may offer services to help us adapt as we age or, at least, simplifies life. Four UUers who have been through this quandary will share their decision processes in a moderated panel to begin the program.

One major consideration for being able to age in place is making adaptations to our current homes. The panel discussion will be followed by a presentation by Brian Egan on “Aging in Place Safely”. During his years as a general contractor, Brian trained as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Thanks to his expertise, we will learn how to make our homes safer and what products can be used for that purpose.

Feeling social? We’ll provide the forms that make it easy to be a host for a group social activity! Coffee? Games? Walking? Puzzles? You name it! And sign up!
Come join us to create positive experiences for this time of life!

Mental Health Worship Service, 5/19

On May 19th at 4pm PDT, the Unitarian Universalist Mental Health Network will be offering an online worship service
centered on how Unitarian Universalism can inspire advocacy and acceptance in the area of mental health.

I’ve been working with the UUMHN for the past several months in an effort to expand our bank of mental health resources at the ready as our local community faces increasing need in this area, particularly among our children and youth, and I’m excited to share this worship opportunity with you!

In the second annual worship service produced by the UU Mental Health Network Speaker’s Bureau, author Sheri Thomas will share how Unitarian Universalism has inspired her to become a leading disability advocate fighting to remove the stigmas surrounding physical disabilities and mental health. Additional speakers include Rev. Barbara Meyer, whose seminary story was told by Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt during her recent UUFC reception; Phoenix Bell-Shelton Biggs, a queer, BIPOC, non-binary seminarian; Erin White, member and past board president of The Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York, and I’ll be offering the time for all ages!

If you’re interested in exploring topics at the intersection of faith and mental health, I hope you’ll join us!

Child Dedication Invitation, 5/12

In Unitarian Universalist congregations, the dedication and blessing of a child signifies the congregation’s willingness to nurture & love the child, & to support parents & caregivers in providing for their children’s spiritual development. It also celebrates the family’s desire to raise their children in a nurturing religious community.

Children are beloved members of the UUFC. Their growth and unfolding personalities are a source of joy to us all, and we are committed, as a congregation, to their spiritual welfare.  Our child dedication service is an opportunity to recognize that commitment & to welcome the new children in our midst.

It is our custom to dedicate children on Christmas Eve and Mother’s Day, as well as any time a family makes the request. Participating families will be invited to come forward & introduce their children. Each child will be blessed with a touch of water, the gift of a flower, & words of commitment by the gathered community.

If you would like your child to be dedicated on Mother’s Day, please contact Skyla by Sunday, May 5th.

“Successful Aging in Community” Kick-Off, 4/3

Wednesday, April 3, 3-5 pm in the Social Hall

Interested in joining with others who are moving along in age to adapt and thrive? This group is designed to keep us involved: addressing ways to adapt to inevitable changes at this stage of life while creating connections in this community. At this first gathering we will have fun and meaningful table conversations
and get to know one another better. Participants will be guided through a process of listing and prioritizing future topics in two areas: 

  1. Informative programs with guest speakers, and 
  2. Smaller group social activities like informal book groups, coffee klatches, puzzle or game sessions, and attending local cultural events.
    Come join us to create positive experiences for this time of life!

Register for Camp Blue Boat!

Camp Blue Boat registration is open!

NEW WEEK: June 30-July 5

NEW LOCATION: Get ready for an unforgettable summer experience at Camp Blue Boat at Camp N-Side-Sen in Harrison, Idaho!

This year, registration includes a bus from Seattle, so no need for a second registration. Don’t forget to look for the discount if you’re not taking the bus. And the Sibling and Early Bird (by 3/15) Discounts return.

This summer camp is perfect for youth from rising 6th-grade to 12th-grade graduates. It offers age-specific housing and programming, where campers, counselors, and staff will explore being in relationship with oneself, others, and the wider world. The camp is based on four basic pillars, including community, spirituality, justice, and equality. After attending, youth will be able to articulate beliefs grounded in UU theology and values, develop spiritual discipline, engage in social change, and build personal and religious resilience. There are plenty of fun activities such as field games, crafts, hikes, swimming, bonfires, and more. Come join us

Why are we moving?  Because our old site wants to use their camp for their campers, so we get to go back to N-Sid-Sen, where Camp Blue Boat started.

Turning Points in UU History 4/3-5/8 on Zoom!

Wednesdays, April 3-May 8

7:00pm-8:15pm CT on Zoom

Fee: Free for current Faith Forward congregation subscribers (UUFC is a subscribing congregation, so you get in for FREE! Yay, you!); $100 for non-subscriber congregations (no participant limit) or $25 per person. 

The Faith Forward program out of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas is excited to offer an online session of our “Turning Points in UU History” series for all congregations! This series explores turning points and controversies in our history, delving into the complexities of these historical moments through primary texts, to understand how they shaped Unitarian Universalism and how we relate to our faith today.

For more information or to register, email Skyla King-Christison ( by March 25th. I will share our group registration information with their program coordinator on April 1st, and then you will receive a welcome letter from Rev. Lora Brandis.

Spiritual Practices Part 2! 4/1 – 5/6 @6

It’s almost time for the second block of the Spiritual Practices Workshop! You DO NOT NEED TO HAVE TAKEN PART 1 of the Spiritual Practices series to participate in and benefit from part 2 of this series!

This 6-session series will help participants develop regular disciplines of the spirit – practices that help us connect with the sacred. This series affirms religious diversity while seeking unity in our communal quest for meaning and wholeness. Each session offers a forum for learning, sharing, and growth that can enrich our personal faith journeys.

In part 1 of this series, we explored potential daily practices to which one might choose to commit. For part 2, join Skyla King-Christison on Monday evenings, April 1st through May 6th, from 6 to 7 pm in Room 7 as we explore the topics of creating a sabbath, the art of hospitality and belonging, work and service, spiritual retreat, life as a spiritual practice, and pilgrimage.

Please register for this workshop using this form.