Downsizing and Simplifying for Seniors 6/5

Presentation by: Jesse G. of Queen B Organizing

Wednesday, June 5, 3-5 pm in the UUFC Sanctuary

Gather insight and information on how to move through the life-transitions of downsizing or trying to live more simply. Jesse will cover several aspects of these major steps:

  • Planning the setup of your future space
  • Exercises to simplify the sorting process, ex. “Plan of Attack”
  • Touch on emotional dynamics of decision making with belongings
  • Establishing support systems for moving and downsizing needs
  • And much more!

Feeling social? We’ll provide the form that makes it easy to be a host for a group social activity! Picnics? Games? Walking? Puzzles? Movies? You name it! Be sure to sign up at the June 5 meeting.

Come join us to create positive experiences for this time of life!

Hosted by the Aging Successfully in Community team, a part of the RE council.

Senior citizens with moving boxes