Justice Council

The role of the Justice Council is to provide support, guidance, coordination, and evaluation of ongoing and proposed social service, charity-related, and other justice programs sponsored by the UUFC, as well as to coordinate emergent justice-related responses.

The primary tasks for the UUFC Justice Council include:


  • Creating a context through which groups doing justice-related work are supported and can sustain themselves;
  • Developing a communications vehicle through which we describe the work of UUFC justice-related groups and bring visibility to the engagement of UUFC members in community-based justice work;
  • Identifying the appropriate structures, processes, and procedures to support UU and Fellowship justice-related goals, values, and commitments and to exercise the necessary leadership;
  • Talking frequently with those doing justice-related work to ensure we are aware of their activities and needs;
  • Ensuring that knowledge of all justice-related groups is easily available to members and friends who want to get involved.


Social Justice Teams and Task Forces

The Social Justice community at the UUFC is comprised of a broad range of groups that are engaged in concrete efforts to address the profound issues facing our local community, state, nation and world. The groups listed below are always open to new members and welcome your involvement. Following the description of each group is contact information should you desire more information and/or wish to become involved.


Immigrant and Refugee Support Team

Living out our principles to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person and strive for justice, equity and compassion in human relations, the Immigrant and Refugee Support Team seeks to educate UUFC members about immigrant concerns, and build connections with and support immigrants and groups working with immigrants in our community.

Nancy Kyle, n.kyle12@gmail.com 

Melinda Sayavedra, sayavedl@peak.org


Social Concerns

We raise funds and awareness for different local and international charities each month by organizing Action Lunches, Sunday collections and Bake Sales.


Sylvia Yamada, yamadas@science.oregonstate.edu