UUFC Climate Action

Are you someone who cares about the consequences of global warming and who is ready to be part of climate solutions, but you are not exactly sure where to start?  Then check out this thought provoking suggestion from Power Up for Climate Solutions.

“Right now, you can do something that many climate experts say is the single most effective thing you can do to fight climate change.  It costs nothing, requires only a few minutes, and just requires a bit of courage to try. Talk to a friend or family member about climate change. Talk about why you care, and what actions you are taking.  Talk to someone who is concerned about climate change to some extent.  You do not need to talk with a climate denier: climate scientist Dr. Katherine Hayhoe says ‘The biggest challenge isn’t science denial, it’s complacency.’”

However, because it is hugely important to know how NOT to talk about climate change, be sure to watch this short video —The Secret to Talking About Climate Change.  It is light-hearted, animated, and super helpful! I highly recommend it. 

       As a member of the UUFC Climate Action Team, I will be sharing blogs and climate solution actions from Power Up for Climate Solutions with you each month.  These messages will be part of a larger project by the UUFC Climate Action Team to inspire and encourage the Fellowship to be part of the solution to global warming.


Deborah C.


PS I have found Power up for Climate Solutions to be a wonderful resource, sharing information, inspiration, and tools one needs to help solve the climate crisis.This non-profit is local, founded by my friend and climate activist, Carla Wise https://powerupforclimate.com/.