UUFC Climate Action

UUFC Climate Action Team


What is the Climate Action Team? 

The Climate Action Team works to engage UUFC members and friends in ambitious, effective, collaborative action to (a) mitigate climate change, (b) build resilience and adaptations in the face of climate change, and (c) secure justice for those most impacted by, but least responsible for, climate change.


Who is the Climate Action Team? The Climate Action team is composed of a core group of members (CATcore) who meet regularly to coordinate actions (first Thu, 5:00pm), a larger group of UUFC members and friends who follow through on those actions, and a small group of leaders who plan and facilitate decision making (CATleads).  Information about climate actions and related information is routed to the following outlets:

  • UUFC Monthly Newsletter

  • UUFC Weekly Announcements

  • The Climate Action Team Space on the UUFC’s social network (Climate Action Team (mn.co)

  • The UUFC 7th Principle group (uufc-7th@google-groups.com), whose primary focus is discussing the health of the Earth and its climate, and sharing good news about work to build a sustainable future.

For more information, contact Jed Irvine, <jedirv@gmail.com>.


What is the Climate Action Team doing? 

The Climate Action Team’s (CAT) work evolves as new projects are added in response to opportunities and interests and as other projects come to an end.  As of summer 2021, active projects include:

  1. Climate Lens: This effort has two goals.  First, to empower UUFC teams with tools that can help them keep climate impacts in mind during decision making.  Second, to help UUFC teams inspire each other to make commitments around climate impacts and climate justice. Jed Irvine, <jedirv@gmail.com>.

  2. Legislative Action: Often in collaboration with other UUFC Justice teams, the Climate Action Team works to influence climate-related policy and legislation at the state and national level.  Deborah Clark, <deborah.clark@lifetime.oregonstate.edu>.

  3. Net Zero: The top priority of this project is to reduce UUFC’s carbon emissions, both as an institution and in the personal lives of members and friends.  We then help facilitate taking responsibility for residual emissions on both fronts.  Michael Hughes, <michael.a.hughes1951@gmail.com>.

  4. Trees: UUFC members and friends plant and care for trees on our campus and in collaboration with the Corvallis Urban Forestry program across our broader community.  John Bailey, <bailey61@comcast.net>.

  5. Wildlife Certification: The Climate Action Team supports the UUFC Grounds Stewards and neighboring Zen Center in pursuing wildlife certification for the combined campuses of the two faith communities. Michael Hughes, <michael.a.hughes1951@gmail.com>.