Support Groups for Parents and Parents of Adult Children

Parenting is hard, no matter your stage in life. It can be made needlessly harder if you’re doing it without a village. In an effort to create a scaffolding of support for families of every age, we would like to gauge interest in two distinct support spaces:

  1. A peer support group for parents of children and youth (with the possibility of breaking into sub groups by age) and
  2. a peer support group for parents of adult children.

If there is sufficient interest in either of these groups, we will start with a 3 month initial commitment. At the end of that time, we can assess whether the group would like to continue through the church year or consider making this a regular summer support group. These groups are intended to help parents in all phases of life strengthen their web of mutual support, not as a substitute for qualified mental health care. 

If you are interested in a parent support group, or a group for parents with adult children, please fill out one of the following surveys.

Fill out a Parent Support Group Interest Survey

Fill out a Parents With Adult Children Group Interest Survey

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Skyla King-Christison if you have any questions!