Summary of February Board Meeting

At our February meeting, the Board: Discussed

  • 2024-25 Stewardship season which will begin on Sunday, April 7, with a sermon and three subsequent after-service discussions on pledging as a vital component of our shared ministry. Pledging will commence on Sunday April 7.
  • Treasurer’s report, which shows the Fellowship to be in good financial shape
  • Questions and issues related to a potential new policy related to payments to Fellowship members and friends for tasks otherwise covered by volunteers
  • Fellowship justice commitments and related next steps
  • Anticipated internship of a Eugene-based candidate for the UU ministry
  • Upcoming reboot of the website
  • User-problems on Breeze, of which Breeze is aware and working on
  • Agenda and logistics of the upcoming Board retreat Approved
  • Changes to the policy related to the Care of Shared Ministry
  • Reaffirmation of the Fellowship’s commitments to divestment and climate justice
  • Removal of two dangerously and increasingly leaning incense-cedars

Emergency Preparedness – Thank-You team!

Thank-you, thank-you to the Emergency Preparedness team: Craig Olbrich, Wolfgang Dengler and Denis White, for providing training for leaders, Sunday volunteers and more last Saturday Feb. 10, focusing on how to help evacuate the building especially in case of fire. (And how interesting that our fire alarm system began to malfunction the following day — we’re looking now at a system upgrade). Here’s a take-away for everyone: if a building evactuation is needed, everyone head out toward the parking lot to the gathering point at the corner of Firwood and Elmwood.

Hub City Village Volunteerism and Donations

We are helping to furnish homes for those in need ~ is in the midst of building 27 permanent tiny homes and a community center in Albany for those without secure housing and who are interested in being part of a cooperative community. To sponsor the completion of a tiny home, an organization can supply a list of household items like dishes, sheets, etc and then deliver that full set upon the home’s completion, projected at May/June 2024.

UUFC Member Joyce Marvel-Benoist is coordinating the sponsorship program and has asked the UU congregation to participate in bringing items to sponsor a home. She will be at a table in the foyer after the service on Sunday to share the list of needed items and answer questions. Additionally fabric and curtains are being collected for the making of curtains for all the homes (home sewing or April 16 sewing work party.)

Thank you,


Contact Joyce Marvel-Benoist

Coming of Age is Back!

We’re delighted to announce that the beloved Coming of Age program is back in 2024!

This is a program that asks our youth to explore what it means to become an adult in a Unitarian Universalist context. A lot of cultures have this kind of event in the life of their congregation or community. Close to home, our Jewish neighbors have bat and bar mitzvahs where young people are asked to learn a language and be able to reflect on a text. In other cultures there are walkabouts, solo experiences in the wilderness, or even rounds of combat. In each of these examples, the community is expressing what is important to it. In Judaism, the importance is put on being religiously literate in the language of the Torah. Walkabouts emphasize the importance of survival in nature, while hand to hand combat points toward the importance of defending the group or surviving a conflict.

In our faith, we ask our teenagers to reflect deeply on who they are as spiritual people, to be able to think metaphorically, and to express themselves as soulful, connected beings, capable of experiencing a spiritual passion and transforming that passion into service and dedication to a common good. These are the attributes we seek in our adults, and therefore the ones that we assist our youth in developing.

Because of the programming losses we experienced during the pandemic years, this year’s Coming of Age will be open to all youth in grades 7-12. Space is limited, so don’t delay in registering.

For the safety of our youth, additional information about dates and times is available by request only. Please contact Skyla King-Christison at if you’d like more details.

Art Wall : Beautiful Animal Photographs

With thanks to Art Wall team coordinator Isabel Prusinski, the Sanctuary is currently hosting a collection of pictures from local amateur (!) photographers Larry and Sharon Rosenkoetter. Both are retired from OSU; photographing wildlife is one of their loves. About their photos they say: ” The US and Canada are richly blessed with public spaces where wildlife can thrive, thanks to our ancestors who had the foresight to save lands for wildlife as well a for nature-loving people. We emphatically believe that in this time of climate change our generation must continue to combat forces that would destroy the essential habitats for vunerable creatures.” The photographs are for sale for $150 each. From more information about purchasing, see the information posted in the Sanctuary just inside the door from the foyer.

How to Request a Weekly Announcement

If your group, team, or council would like to add something to the Weekly Announcements, there is a new form!

The Weekly Announcements are updated on Friday each week. The Weekly Announcements are meant keep everyone informed about what is happening at the Fellowship. If you would like to include something, please fill out the form by Wednesday of the week before the announcement should be published. Announcements may be edited for length and clarity.

Chalice Circle Samplers: A New Series

Chalice Circles are an opportunity to deepen your ties to others in this community. We do this by meeting on a regular basis with the same small group of people to share how we each navigate the journey of being human. This is done via thoughtfully designed “topics” that offer ideas and questions for reflection. Through authentic sharing and listening, we learn how to voice what deeply matters to us.

Never been in a chalice group? “Test the waters” by signing up for the sampler series which will meet 4 times (once a week for the month). You’re under NO obligation to come to more than these sessions but our hope is that if this experience is something you find of value, you’ll continue with a longer term group that will meet twice monthly.

Any questions? Read our FAQ or contact us at

Thank you, Shikha Ghosh Gottfried and Nancy Sowdon