Social Concern Offering

Our September Justice Outreach offerings will support our Partner Congregation in Bozod Korispatak, Transylvania, which is in Romania. Our partnership is 28 years old! In that time we have supported tuition for many students, plus stipends for ministry and elders. Our partners have hosted Fellowship members many times, and we have hosted them as well. The Korispatak congregation is part of the Hungarian Unitarian Church, the ancestral home of Unitarianism.

Information about the Monthly Outreach Offering, as well as about UUFC Justice Teams, is posted on the bulletin board at the northeast corner of the Social Hall. Learn more about our Partner Church there.

Roy Zimmerman Returns to the Fellowship – Sept 30

Advance tickets $23 – on sale at UUFC Sept. 17 and 24 (cash or checks only), $25 at the door ($26 for credit cards.) Roy Zimmerman’s signature blend of heart and hilarity has never been more necessary. In a career spanning more than thirty years, Roy’s songs have been heard on HBO and Showtime, and his videos have garnered hundreds of millions of views.

Joni Mitchell says, “Roy’s lyrics move beyond poetry and achieve perfection.”

No Depression Magazine says, “Without a doubt, Roy Zimmerman is among the most important political commentators of the last few decades, and in the end, it’s the music that unites and disarms.  With music this good and humor this insightful, there is good reason to be optimistic.”

The L.A. Times says, “Zimmerman displays a lacerating wit and keen awareness of society’s foibles that bring to mind a latter-day Tom Lehrer.”

Tom Lehrer himself says, “I congratulate Roy Zimmerman on reintroducing literacy to comedy songs.”

Check out his YouTube videos — Roy has garnered hundreds of millions of views.
Here are a couple of our favorites (co-written by Roy and his wife Melanie Harber):

For more about Roy Zimmerman:

Concert sponsored by the UUFC.

Fellowship Leadership Retreat on September 30: RSVP Now

Each year we begin again to renew our leadership skills and commitments. This year, we will pay lots of attention to where new ways are needed. Therefore, all leaders of teams, groups, projects, events and councils are invited and needed on September 30. Please rsvp to let us know you’ll attend this all-day Leadership retreat, at this link:

Anyone who is not currently leading, as described above, but who is interested in becoming part of this wide leadership team, is welcome. Please reach out to Rev. Jill McA if you have questions. We’ll begin at 9 AM and continue to 5PM. Lunch and snacks will be provided. If childcare is needed for you to participate, please indicate that on the RSVP Form.

Together we will map out the new Fellowship year, learn skills together, and live into our new covenant of Right Relations. We’ll cover some nuts and bolts of facilitation and collaboration, of Fellowship structure, current needs, and new ideas. There is much to both rebuild and build anew. You are needed – please join us! Questions: Contact Rev. Jill McAllister. NOTE: We’ll celebrate a good day with an evening concert by Roy Zimmerman!

9-24-2023, Daily Practice: A Weekly Reminder

Rain Meditation

I’ve been traveling with family this week, and this morning we woke up to rain. As I paused to listen to the gentle, steady drizzling, and to breathe in and feel the day begin, the listening became its own kind of morning prayer. Do you ever hear or feel a prayer as you begin a day? What words do you say, to yourself, to the day? Or do you enter into quiet, into silence, without words? It makes a difference how we begin, whether or not we make a space, a way, some time to rest our minds from constant grappling and explaining. Whether or not we open the edges of the stories we tell about the way things are within us and around us, to let more in.

One of my teachers says that spiritual growth, or becoming wise, is a process of discovering at your core a story that can hold all the other stories. A foundation that makes room for everything that comes your way, for everything that is. In that place, that story, vulnerability and courage are the same thing. Courage is not simply the energy or power to defend our expectations or habits or “knowledge.” Courage is the ability to keep the doors of our minds and hearts open, to change direction, to leave things behind and keep moving, even – or especially – if we are mourning as we go. “What would it be like to wake into our bodies, our relationships and our work as if seeing them for the first time?”, the teacher asks. Yesterday there was sorrow and joy; today there is sorrow and joy – but today we are not the same as we were yesterday. Nothing is the same.

This is a daily practice – to find ways and time to open ourselves and our stories to the way things truly are. To be willing to be lived by pain and sorrow and fear in all the ways we are willing to be lived by happiness and love and joy. To move as life moves, in us and around us. For the days of this week I wish for you, and for me, the gift of of opening to the day, beginning with breath, and with thanks. Sending love to you all — Jill

Side With Love, September 24

~What is love calling you to do? The world needs Unitarian Universalists to show up for justice with spiritual grounding, generosity, humility, courage, and concrete skills. It is a spiritual practice to choose love over fear, to be brave, to show up when we’re called, to occupy space with loving resistance rather than fearful retreat. We are most powerful when we understand that all the issues we care most deeply about are fundamentally interlinked, and that each of us has a role to play in building a world in which all people can be free and thrive. When we bring our best selves to our justice work, whichever specific issue or campaign it might be, we are choosing to Side with Love.

The work that we do together to build a world in which all of us are free and thriving is interrelated. When we ground our spirits, grow our skills, and act strategically for justice in deep relationship with each other and our Movements, we choose to Side With Love.

Action Center is a place where we unite in work towards a world where we all thrive. Together we take action, Side With Love, and make deep impacts in this critical moment. Side with Love Action Center

“Of Note” – Faith-Based Climate Action Team 9-9-2023

Of Note This Week is a source for current climate-change information at the local, state, and national levels.  It is refreshed weekly on Saturday.

Sat 9 Sep


Climate change is messing with photosynthesis

IEEE Spectrum

African Hydropower Confronts Cheap Solar and Wind

Inside Climate News

Green Groups Are Divided Over a Proposal to Boost the Nation’s Hydropower. Here’s Why

Katharine Hayhoe

Weekly Newsletter, 9/2/23


How the power grid survived a hot, hot summer

Popular Science

What’s the most sustainable way to mine the largest known lithium deposit in the world?


Climate Change’s Deadly Legacy: How Rising Temperatures Fueled Ancient Aggression

The Conversation

Research reveals who’s been hit hardest by global warming in their lifetime – and the answer may surprise you

The Guardian

Anger is most powerful emotion by far for spurring climate action, study finds

More news from the Faith-Based Climate Action Team can be found here:

First From the DRE Post


Family Faith Formation Toolkit

Maybe you’ve got an awesome minister (If you’re at UUFC, you do! ☑️), and a caring Religious Exploration team (Lucky you! You’ve got that too!☑️), and excellent friends and family support (I sure hope you do! ?). Did you know that even with all that, parents and grandparents are still a child’s first and most influential spiritual guides? Yes, YOU! You’re the biggest factor in your child’s spiritual growth and development. How cool ? (and maybe scary ?) is that?

In an effort to support families as they raise faithful and spiritually grounded children, we offer you the Family Faith Formation Toolkit with you! On the 4th Sunday of each month, I’ll be adding a new tool to our toolkit below. Each tool will come with resources and practical ideas for how to explore matters of the spirit with your family, and grow in confidence as a spiritual leader. As always, if you have immediate needs relating to your family’s faith formation, I’m available to chat. Just reach out to to set up a time.

  1. Discussing the G-word (answering questions about God when you’re not sure yourself)
  2. Prayer as a Family Practice
  3. Meditation with the Kiddos
  4. Service with the Family
  5. Gratitude with the Kiddos
  6. Building a Family Lectionary
  7. UP NEXT: A Family Sabbath Plan

Between Us (September 2023)

September arrives and soon we’ll begin a new Fellowship year. First, however, we’ll take a small break in the usual routine of Sunday services – a Sunday off, a chance to intentionally pause, a chance perhaps to consider and mull: what does this routine mean to me? What is it for? Whom is it for? The Fellowship is many things and includes many things, yet at its heart it is a worshiping community – which means at the very least that it is a gathering of people who are committed to a shared endeavor, a shared religious life. If you’re simply in the habit of attending, I invite you to take this time to consider what it means to you to be part of this worshiping community.

Our theme for the coming year will be “Building A New Way.” Whether we had decided to be aware of that need or not, the call to build new ways of being together, of being in the world, of sharing and caring, of searching for meaning, of building deep connections, of inspiring action – the call to build new ways is clarion. The world has changed, is changing, is in need of change – and we are part of the world.

Some of the areas we’ll continue to work on are living in a climate crisis, learning to understand and dismantle systems of oppression – racism in particular, how to be welcoming and inclusive, generational differences and bridges, and what religious and spiritual practices can help us in this work. Some of the new areas we’ll explore include leadership for now and the future, and especially leadership for the life and work of the Fellowship.

Enjoy this small break, use it well, and come again on September 10 ready to joyfully begin again, sharing the work and the beauty of being the UU Fellowship of Corvallis.

Videos from GA 2023

~Public Videos from the UUA General Assembly in June 2023
Whether you attended or not, whether in person or online, everyone can now view and share the Public Videos from GA 2023. Public Videos include all General Sessions, plus three mainstage worship services: Service of the Living Tradition, Synergy Bridging Service, and Sunday Worship.

~Recommended for Families with young children: “The Tending Years” by J.L. Shattuck
Every day you meet your child’s spiritual and emotional needs—you just don’t know it. In this accessible and comforting book, J.L. Shattuck provides insight into your child’s earliest rituals. Unlike parenting books that ask you to change the way you interact with your child, this easy-to-read volume details the ways in which you’re already tending to your child’s needs and offers inspiration and support to help you throught he preschool years and beyond. Available for pre-order from the UUA Bookstore (InSpirit, at