Your FOC and CAT Have Endorsed a Climate Chaos Report

Banking on Climate Chaos 2024: Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card is a joint effort of the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), BankTrack, Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), Oil Change International (OCI), Reclaim Finance, the Sierra Club, Urgewald and others to document the on-going support that banking and investment firms provide for the fossil fuel industry. It is hoped that by pointing out these direct ties, individuals, pension programs and other investors with money in the banks and investment firms providing the greatest fossil fuel industry support can ask their institutions to consider other investment opportunities. The group preparing these annual reports has asked others to endorse their effort. Your UUFC Financial Oversight Council (FOC) and Climate Action Team (CAT) are well aware of these concerns and trying to do what they can with UUFC monies to step away from fossil fuel industry support. The FOC And CAT have endorsed the report. This endorsement falls within UUFC endorsement guidelines of not endorsing a candidate; does not require a financial contribution or commitment nor work commitment. The endorsement supports the UUFC mission to inspire action for a better world for all and its commitment to divest from fossil fuels. If you have questions about this endorsement, please contact Michael Hughes, Board, CAT and FOC member, or Russ Karow, FOC Chair.