Star Trek and UU

Star Trek and UU
The UU Seven Principals align well with the values of the imagined future of the Star Trek Universe. Star
Trek has a long tradition of producing shows that address challenging topics of our contemporary life
using the guise of science fiction and alien civilizations to tell allegorical stories. The shows are not just
entertaining (though they totally are); some of them dig into some really difficult issues that are worth
sharing with others and starting some conversations around.
We shared a curated list of relevant episodes from multiple Star Trek series’ dealing with racism, war, the
nature of individuality and ones inherent rights, gender identity, the environment, homelessness and
genocide. Each episode was briefly introduced, then watched, followed by some great discussion. We also
had snacks.
We met for 10 sessions on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from February through June. At our first
session two people came. At our last 16 people came. Over 20 people participated at least once. The ages
of the participants ranged from mid 20’s to mid 70’s.
We hope to resume this Connect Up activity in October 2023. Anyone can attend, you do not need to have prior
knowledge of Star Trek or be a Trekkie to participate in this activity.
Star Trek and UU was organized by Amy Ayers with the help of Tyson Bryant.