Weekly Serving of Good News, 5-27-2023

Good news is a powerful motivator for action, &  there‘s lots of  good news  about climate mitigation, adaptation/resilience, and justice. Here’s a sample…

Sat 27 May

High school students in Hillsboro learn how to run a sustainable farm

Antarctic ice melt may be reversible due to rising land beneath

Construction of the nation’s first large-scale wind farm now underway off the Massachusetts coast  

How The Renewable Boom Can Counter Energy Poverty In Rural Areas 

US approves expansive Southwest renewable energy project, involving Arizona 

Reclaimed Kentucky Coal Mine Sees the Sun Shining on New Solar Power Purchase Agreement with Toyota 

Engineers harvest abundant clean energy from thin air, 24/7

Solar investment outshines oil as race for clean energy heats up  

Invasion of Ukraine ‘has fuelled funding boom for clean energy

New Bedford looks to light the world with wind power 

Where to Find the Energy to Save the World

Abandoned coal mines may be gold mines for geothermal energy

Unlocking the Potential of Geothermal Energy: A Path to Clean Power and Sustainable Solutions

The Great Potential Of Tidal Energy

Tidal Wave Energy Is Emerging Globally: Find Out Who’s Leading the Way
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