Imagine Peace – Upcoming Sunday Service

What does PEACE mean to you? no war? Good relations with your neighbors? a life with enough for everyone? Would you like to be part of a Sunday service on July 14 to talk about what peace means to us now? The objective is to explore what might a world at peace look like in 2050? Whatever you think, your opinion is welcome to the conversation. Please let Rev. Jill McA know.

And an invitation to action: The prime minister of Israel, “an obstacle to peace”*, will speak to the US Congress on Wednesday July 24. As a sanction against that honor, a UU peace group invites you to join in continuing the discussion “IMAGINE PEACE” at the same time as the speech to Congress. UUFC member Bill Glassmire has more information.

*Win Without War says that Senator Chuck Schumer has called Benjamin Netanyahu “an obstacle to peace”.