Queerly Beloved October 2023

Sunday, October 15, 4-6 pm

Join LGBTQ+ folx and allies for social gatherings centered on queer issues and themes. We understand the importance of queer community, and our goal is to provide a safe space where people can find that sense of belonging right here in Corvallis. We meet monthly on the 3rd Sunday in the afternoon. All are welcome! Questions: connect@uucorvallis.org

October Gathering:

This month, Ginny and Jema will lead an open-ended discussion on the topic of “Coming Out”. In the safe space of our Queerly Beloved group let’s explore and share our experiences of the “stages” we may have gone through or are still going through. Vivienne Cass proposed that there are 6 Stages of Coming Out. Do we agree or would we add other stages?

Stages of coming out identified by Vivienne Cass:

  • Identity confusion. In the first stage, identity confusion, the person is amazed to think of themselves as a queer person. …
  • Denial. This is a sub-stage where one will deny homosexuality. …
  • Identity comparison. …
  • Identity tolerance. …
  • Identity acceptance. …
  • Identity pride. …
  • Identity synthesis.

Shakespeare Outing

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Friday, September 15, 2023 7:30 pm

See Rachel Kohler onstage in another rollicking Shakespearean production. Will she be in a wheelchair? That is a story for another time!

Buy tickets online: merelyplayersoregon.com

A group from UUFC are going to sit together. Contact Priscilla Galasso for more info.

Energy Upgrades for Homes

Energy Upgrades for Homes with Fossil (Natural) Gas. Nancy Evenson, a retired architect who offers Home Retrofit Clinics through the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, will speak from personal experience to both the:

  • Technological advances that make heat pump and induction
    technology incredibly clean and efficient.
  • Homeowner experience in navigating the switch from fossil
    gas to electricity.

Monday 7 August, 6:30 – 7:30 PM in the UU Social Hall, also available by Zoom, Contact michael.a.hughes1951@gmail.com

Hosted by the Faith Based Climate Action Team

Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange

Bring your unwanted jigsaw puzzles and pick out some new ones to take home as we gather and share conversation and drinks.

Wednesday Aug 2, 2023 from 4-6pm, hosted by Bobbi Bailey. In the UU Social hall and patio.