Plant Based Potluck

recurring; 4th Sundays

Join a potluck exploring and learning how to eat more Whole Foods Plant Based meals. It’s new! It’s confusing! It’s good for our health and our planet. No experience needed – whether you are a long time plant based eater, or have never heard of this before, you are welcome here. Let’s eat, laugh, and learn together. Children welcome.

Bring a dish to share, in which all ingredients are plants.

Plants: Grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, herbs & spices.

Not Plants: Animal flesh, fluids, and unborn young.

Need ideas for recipes?

Hosted by Ann Marchant.

This is a Connect Up Event, with the purpose of building community within the UUFC congregation. Would you like to host a Connect Up event? Learn more about it here: