Chalice Circle Samplers: A New Series

Chalice Circles are an opportunity to deepen your ties to others in this community. We do this by meeting on a regular basis with the same small group of people to share how we each navigate the journey of being human. This is done via thoughtfully designed “topics” that offer ideas and questions for reflection. Through authentic sharing and listening, we learn how to voice what deeply matters to us.

Never been in a chalice group? “Test the waters” by signing up for the sampler series which will meet 4 times (once a week for the month). You’re under NO obligation to come to more than these sessions but our hope is that if this experience is something you find of value, you’ll continue with a longer term group that will meet twice monthly.

Any questions? Read our FAQ or contact us at

Thank you, Shikha Ghosh Gottfried and Nancy Sowdon