Chalice Circles

Perhaps you’re new to our fellowship, or perhaps you’ve been around for years. 

Either way—have you thought about joining a chalice circle?

Chalice circles provide

·     A safe space to share experiences 

·     A place to express our feelings on topics designed to help us discover more about ourselves–what really matters in our lives.

·     A place where we can arrive in any state we’re in—angry, sad, anxious, elated—we come to the table as we are and know we will be welcomed.

·     It’s a space for reflection, for sharing without interruption, advice or judgement; it’s a time for deep listening, & fully receiving each other.

We have space in some existing circles and are creating new ones.  

Being part of a chalice circle adds a dimension to our lives available no where else.  I welcome you to join us.

Contact me about joining a chalice circle: 

Let me know when you’re able to meet; I will do my best to locate space for you. Elona