6-26: Discussion on Carbon Sequestration in Soils

What: Discussion with Dr. Markus Kleber on Carbon Offset at the Neighborhood Scale

When: Monday, June 26th at 6:30 PM

Where: In person in Room 7 at the Fellowship or by Zoom

Guest Speaker Dr. Markus Kleber

The Climate Action Team invites UUFC members & friends to meet with Markus Kleber, a soil scientist at Oregon State University, to discuss Carbon Offset at the Neighborhood Scale.

As the UUFC plans for cutting down some of the 60+ year old cedar trees along our eastern property line, the issues of sequestered carbon loss and possible onsite alternatives to carbon offset have been raised. 

Dr. Markus Kleber, an OSU Crop and Soil Science Professor of Soil Science, has agreed to meet with those interested in this topic at 6:30 pm on Monday June 26 in room 7 at the Fellowship. Part of his OSU research effort is on organic matter turnover dynamics. Dr. Kleber will give us an approximately 30-minute overview on the current science of CO2 emissions and sequestration at various landscape levels and talk with us about possibilities on UUFC grounds. Are there are any options that really make sense? 

This conversation is open to all with interest.