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  • This Week:

    “Who Needs Equity?” – April 14, 2024

    We started with Love, and we’ve considered Justice, Generosity, Transformation, Interdependence and Pluralism – the stated shared values in the proposed changes to the UUA bylaws, Article II. This week we finish with Equity – “We declare that every person has the right to flourish with inherent dignity and worthiness. We covenant to use our time, wisdom, attention, and money to build and sustain fully accessible and inclusive communities.” Sounds great, right? But who needs it? With Jill McAllister


Services This Month

  • April 7 “What Difference Does It Make?” Stewardship Kick-Off Rev. Jill McAllister

    April 14 “Our Values: Equity” Rev. Jill McAllister

    April 21 “Earth Day” Climate Action Team, and Rev. Jill McA

    April 28 “Wheel of the Year Intergenerational Service: Beltane”


From the Minister

  • Between Us – 4/14/2024

    Last week I mentioned a musician who often reminds their audiences that “This is not entertainment – this is a spiritual practice.” It’s a beautiful ideal for a UU congregation such as the Fellowship. At our best we are a community of practice, aiming at high ideals! So much more than interesting conversation and fun ways to spend time together (although those things are included – they are simply not our highest aims.)

    Here are several ways to enter into the practice:

    ~Plan to be part of the worship review which begins on May 3 (6:30 pm) and May 4 (9 am) to help discover our common needs and goals for worship (in various forms) at the Fellowship

    ~Make your pledge of financial support to the Fellowship for 2024-25 as soon as possible

    ~ Join in one of the Town Halls (April 21, May 5, 11:45 AM) to prepare for the Annual Meeting (May 19) to help the discussions we have and the decisions we need to make be caring, thoughtful and well-informed.

    In other words – be serious about your part of the life of this congregation. Bring your best intentions and your best self, for the good of the whole!

    Also, for those who have asked about the readings in the Easter Sunday service on March 31, here are the references:

    ~Two articles by Rev. Myke Johnson: “Radical Love” (April 2023) and “Sacred Trees and Resurrection” (July 2019) at UUA.org

    ~”Saving Paradise: How Christianity Traded Love of This World for Crucifixion and Empire” by Rebecca Ann Parker and Rita Nakashima Brock, Beacon Press, 2009.


This Week at UUFC

  • Secure Housing and Food for All meeting 4/14

    The Secure Housing and Food for All team will be meeting in the UUFC Library at 11:30 on Sunday 4/14. Please join us to learn how how you can be involved in helping our unhoused and hungry neighbors.


  • Mindful Awareness on a break

    Mindful Awareness Practice will not meet April 17 or April 24 because Patti White will be traveling. Mindful Awareness Practice will resume with the regular meeting on May 1 at 7 p.m.

    Mindful Awareness – More Info


  • Soulful Home Pancake Breakfast, 4/13

    Monthly, Second Saturdays

    9:00 am in the children’s classroom 6C

    Gather with other UU families for a time of songs, fun and food. Pancakes, milk, and juice will be provided. Bring a favorite topping to share!

    Please note that families of all configurations are welcome here! If your child isn’t with you on pancake weekend and you have the desire to connect with other parents in our community, you are most welcome to come join the fun in the absence of your kiddos. 


    Chalice lighting & Music time (bring your instruments!)

    Pancakes (bring your favorite topping!)

    Playground time



  • Coast Retreat Through the Eyes of Our Youth!

    In March, members of our YRUU group, along with their advisors Dawn Dirks and Mark Aron, had a weekend of adventure at the annual youth coast retreat.

    I asked our brilliant Edna if she would mind writing a few words about her experience so that we could imagine it from a youth perspective and she agreed. And without even being asked, the talented Gabe asked if he could send me some of his photography from the trip to share with you all. So please enjoy this look at the annual youth coast retreat through the eyes of two of our fabulous future leaders!

    I remember feeling not excited to go on the cost trip at first. I was a bit nervous because I knew the people but wasn’t friends with any of them. but after a while I realized I had started to actually really enjoy it. I enjoyed going to the beach, and playing sardines, and the food and I felt like I kinda made friends and definitely learned more about everyone there. when I left I realized I missed it. From Edna <3


  • Justice Outreach for April

    Our Sunday Outreach Offerings for the month of April will support several organizations our Climate Action Team partners with:  the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, Seeds for the Sol, UU Ministries for Earth, and UU Side with Love.  We hope to contribute $250 to each with remaining funds going to UUFC’s own Carbon Reduction and Responsibility Fund. Your support is needed and welcome!


  • What’s New on the Website?

    We’ve recently released a new set of website updates based on the feedback that we’ve gathered and many meetings and conversations we’ve had over the past several months. There was a significant overhaul of the website that was released in February of 2023. This is more of an update than an overhaul, but you will notice some changes. 

    Some things are located in different places than they were previously, but with a little exploration and
    practice with navigating the upgraded website, we hope you will find the updated locations to be more intuitive.

    Here are a few of the changes that you may notice:

    1. Redesigned homepage. The homepage is going to be the first introduction many people have to the Fellowship. People will visit the homepage to find out who we are and what we are about. People should quickly get a feel for the kind of community we are trying to build at UUFC. It should be easy for visitors to get an overview of UUFC’s mission and values, which is why the mission statement “Explore. Love. Act. ” is prominently displayed with links to more information about how we live out the different parts of the mission. Visitors shouldn’t be overwhelmed by too much information, but the hope is that they can find where to go to learn more about what interests them. 
    1. New Content: according to feedback, visitors as well as long-time members want more information about how to get involved in different parts of the community. Some new pages have been added like a Get Involved page that lists all the groups and teams, and other ways to participate, and updated descriptions of the councils. 
    1. Members Area: All the way at the bottom right corner there is an area called “Members Area.” Here is where you see the Room Use calendar, forms to request a room reservation or add something to the Weekly Announcements, and the archive files.  
    1. Top menu reorganized: since finding things easily is a top priority, the top menu has been reorganized to make it easier to find what you need. However, it’s a lot like when your favorite grocery store reorganizes the aisles, and suddenly you don’t know where things are any more. After a few shopping trips, you get used to where your favorite items are and pretty soon you don’t even remember how it used to be. If you can’t find what you need, try the search function.
    1. Search Function: Because we all have different brains that tend to organize things differently, it is not possible to organize the menu in a way that perfectly matches the way everyone thinks. So we have a search bar. Type in a keyword or two just like you’re doing a google search, and you should see some pages and blog posts come up. 
    1. Calendars: One of the top-menu items is called “calendars.” There are two main calendars: the first is Programs and Events Calendar which shows the events that anyone can show up to and participate in. The other calendar, called the Room Use Calendar shows everything happening at the building, including outside rentals, and internal meetings, chalice group meetings, and other closed meetings not for casual drop-ins.
    1. Vertical Tabs: On the left column of most of the content pages you will see a stack of vertical tabs showing a group of related pages. These allow you to see at a glance content related to the page you are currently on, which will make it easier for you to find what you need. Click on these tabs to see more content, or use the top menu to get to another group of related pages.
    1. Quick Links: On the right hand column of all the content pages, you will find a list of links to each of the weekly announcements posts. For a more detailed and prettier version of the weekly announcements, go to the menu item called “news.”

    Weekly Announcements

    Weekly Announcements used to be published as a pdf that was emailed out every week. Several months ago we started posting the Weekly Announcements on the website as well, which took many hours to coordinate the two formats. Starting in January of this year we transitioned to only posting them on the website. Although we still send out a weekly email, the email always directs you to the same place where the weekly announcements live: uucorvallis.org/news. If for some reason you don’t get the email, you can still find the latest weekly announcements in the same place, updated at the end of each week.

    If you’re having trouble finding something, or if anything looks broken, please let me know, and I will try to help or fix it. 

    David Servias


  • How to Request a Weekly Announcement

    If your group, team, or council would like to add something to the Weekly Announcements, there is a new form!

    The Weekly Announcements are updated on Friday each week. The Weekly Announcements are meant keep everyone informed about what is happening at the Fellowship. If you would like to include something, please fill out the form by Wednesday of the week before the announcement should be published. Announcements may be edited for length and clarity.


Plan Ahead

  • Town Halls for Annual Meeting Prep April 21, May 5

    Town Halls for Annual Meeting Prep April 21, May 5 At the annual meeting on May 19, we’ll elect new board members and committee chairs, affirm an annual budget, discuss changes to the UUFC bylaws, and more. At the Fellowship, we think it makes sense to have discussions of all of these things BEFORE the meeting, as a form of participatory democracy where we speak and listen and improve our understanding of all the business. All are invited to stay for at least one of these meetings, after the Sunday services on April 21 and May 5, 11:45 AM in the Sanctuary. This also gives us more time for discussion about the proposed changes to the UUA Bylaws – Article II – which our delegates to the General Assembly will vote on in June. Please join us!


  • I/DD and You–Open Forum (Zoom) 4/22

    Do you have, or do you care for someone, with intellectual or developmental challenges (I/DD)? Join us to learn more about advocacy for I/DD individuals, especially within the criminal justice system. A meaningful follow-up for those who attended the Sprout film Festival on March 29th. Missed the Festival? You’re welcome to join the conversation. Questions? Contact Elona Meyer: elonameyer@icloud.com for the Zoom link and additional information.


  • Donate an Activity or Item to the Services Auction, 6/8

    The annual UUFC Services Auction is a wonderful way to build community while giving back to UUFC! Donate an Item or a Service! Most popular items have been things like yard work, childcare, social dinners, learning lessons and things that bring people together.

    More Info about the Services Auction 2024


  • Climate Action Lunch, 4/20

    Saturday, 4/20 at 1:00 PM in the Social Hall

    Plant-based foods may be good for the planet, but they are also tasty and easy to prepare. Join members of the UUFC’s Climate Action Team to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by Ernest Cardona — and celebrate upcoming Earth Day.



    • Miso soup w/tofu
    • Bruschetta with and without seaweed


    • Black bean, corn, and tomato casserole with cheese and vegan options
    • Gandules (pigeon peas) and rice
    • Mushroom sauce on pasta


    • Roasted plantains with coconut ice cream or sorbet

    Childcare is available but must be requested by April 7.

    Register by April 15 with Nick Houtman, nickhoutman8@aol.com or text to 541-829-3442 to reserve your place. We will cap registrations at 30.


  • Child Dedication Invitation, 5/12

    In Unitarian Universalist congregations, the dedication and blessing of a child signifies the congregation’s willingness to nurture & love the child, & to support parents & caregivers in providing for their children’s spiritual development. It also celebrates the family’s desire to raise their children in a nurturing religious community.

    Children are beloved members of the UUFC. Their growth and unfolding personalities are a source of joy to us all, and we are committed, as a congregation, to their spiritual welfare.  Our child dedication service is an opportunity to recognize that commitment & to welcome the new children in our midst.

    It is our custom to dedicate children on Christmas Eve and Mother’s Day, as well as any time a family makes the request. Participating families will be invited to come forward & introduce their children. Each child will be blessed with a touch of water, the gift of a flower, & words of commitment by the gathered community.

    If you would like your child to be dedicated on Mother’s Day, please contact Skyla by Sunday, May 5th.


  • May Worship Workshop, 5/3 and 5/4

    Building New Ways in Worship – May 3 and 4, 2024

    The world changes. Unitarian Universalism changes. The Fellowship changes. If you are interested in being part of a review of worship at the Fellowship – what it is for us, what we need from it, how we accomplish it, plan now to join in a series of conversations beginning with a two-session workshop on Friday evening May 3 and Saturday morning May 4. Not merely a survey or collecting of opinions, this project will include conversations, practice, and training in the arts of worship. Let Rev. Jill McAllister know if you are interested.


  • Connect-up Campouts – 4/14 at 11:45am

    Continuing the discussion from March 24: Are you interested in camping? in camping with other UUFC members? Knowing about great places to go camping? We would like to plan some camping connect-ups for the summer and fall as well as a UUFC Group campout in August and would love your input! Several people will be sharing information on sites they have explored.


  • Film: Where Can We Live in Peace?, 5/18

    Saturday, May 18, 3:00 – 4:30 pm

    in the UUFC Social Hall

    Award-winning Canadian film maker Judy Jackson brings the moving story of the ABBA House migrant shelter in Celaya, Mexico. Founded by Pastor Ignacio it helps tens of thousands of migrants, many of whom are women and children. They are fleeing violence, crime, climate change and corruption in Latin America, and are desperately searching for a place where they can bring up their children in safety. Watch preview.

    Hosted by the Immigrant and Refugee Support Team, a part of our Justice Council.


Connect Up/Affinity Groups this Week