Weeklies for OOS


  • Services This Month

    April 7 “What Difference Does It Make?” Stewardship Kick-Off Rev. Jill McAllister

    April 14 “Our Values: Equity” Rev. Jill McAllister

    April 21 “Earth Day” Climate Action Team, and Rev. Jill McA

    April 28 “Wheel of the Year Intergenerational Service: Beltane”


This Week at UUFC

  • Secure Housing and Food for All meeting 4/14
  • Mindful Awareness on a break
  • Soulful Home Pancake Breakfast, 4/13


  • Coast Retreat Through the Eyes of Our Youth!
  • Justice Outreach for April
  • What’s New on the Website?
  • How to Request a Weekly Announcement

Plan Ahead

  • Town Halls for Annual Meeting Prep April 21, May 5
  • I/DD and You–Open Forum (Zoom) 4/22
  • Donate an Activity or Item to the Services Auction, 6/8
  • Climate Action Lunch, 4/20
  • Child Dedication Invitation, 5/12
  • May Worship Workshop, 5/3 and 5/4
  • Connect-up Campouts – 4/14 at 11:45am
  • Film: Where Can We Live in Peace?, 5/18

Connect Up/Affinity Groups