Group Dynamics: Responding Skillfully When Hard Stuff Happens

Group Dynamics: Responding Skillfully When Hard Stuff Happens

February 2022

In these times of necessary distancing, strong emotions lie unexpectedly closer to the surface, and many of us have become more vulnerable in community than is comfortable. Even in the best of times, upset and hurt can be caused despite our best intentions, even when we are in agreement. Meaningful dialogue when true differences or disagreements are present often can be difficult, and in these times has become particularly fraught. It’s become easier and less painful to simply withdraw than to stay engaged, hoping that things will somehow magically change. 

And yet. Religious community is where we practice the art of belonging, helping each other to grow and deepen our spiritual lives, understanding that all thriving must be mutual. In that spirit, UUFC is offering this practical, skills-based training, which focuses on helping to increase our collective ability to compassionately navigate disagreement and strong emotions. We’ll consider “group dynamics,” especially ways to respond skillfully and with care when emotions start to run high and hard stuff begins to happen. These situations are always possible — perhaps even more so now as everything we do carries more worry for the world and adds to our personal burdens. 

Come, let us learn more about how to thrive, together. 

If you missed this workshop, you can watch the RECORDING here.