Thinking About Year-End Gifts to Organizations You Appreciate?

‘Tis the season when people plan for the upcoming holidays, look back at the year that has passed, and ponder how they can make our world a better place in the year(s) to come. And yes, also begin thinking about the upcoming tax season. If in your pondering you are thinking about making year-end gifts to the organizations you appreciate/love and the UUFC is among those, thank you!

Year-end gifts to the UUFC can be made in many ways:

  • Send a check to UUFC, 2945 NW Circle Blvd, Corvallis OR 97330.
  • Donate online using a debit, credit or ACH bank transfer. Go to the middle of the donation page and select yearend 2023 in the first drop down menu.
  • If you have appreciated stock that is burning a hole in your holiday stocking, transfer stock to the UUFC Schwab account (82873024) using DTC # 0164 Code 40 (you can use these numbers in an online transfer or your broker will know what these are used for).
  • If you are of an age where you need to make required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts, you can have a check written to the UUFC or send a message to and ask for the flyer on how to make such transfers. If you make these distributions directly to the UUFC, they won’t count as income for tax purposes.
  • Unlike NPR, OPB or an assortment of other non-profits, we have not yet accepted vehicle donations, but if this is of interest to you, send an email to and your inquisitive finance team will see if we can figure out how to make this happen.

We thank you for your efforts to make our world a better place for all. May you and yours have a joyous holiday season.

Your UUFC Finance Council