“The Midwife and the Hagstone” 

Today’s story is about seeing truly, seeing things others would rather not see. It’s based on a very old story called The Fairy’s Midwife, but it’s a very different take on the premise!

After you listen, why not go outside and see if you can find your own hagstone? Hagstones are also called adderstanes, witch stones, and serpent’s eggs. They are stones that have a naturally occurring hole in them. You can most easily find them in streams or on the beach, because water is very good at wearing holes in things, but anywhere there are stones, you might find a hagstone! And if you look through the hole, who knows what you might see?

Sound and Music Attributions:
Easy Lemon (30 second) by Kevin MacLeod
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License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Summer Night’s Dream by Frank Schröter
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The In-Between by Alexander Nakarada
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