Summary of February Board Meeting

At our February meeting, the Board: Discussed

  • 2024-25 Stewardship season which will begin on Sunday, April 7, with a sermon and three subsequent after-service discussions on pledging as a vital component of our shared ministry. Pledging will commence on Sunday April 7.
  • Treasurer’s report, which shows the Fellowship to be in good financial shape
  • Questions and issues related to a potential new policy related to payments to Fellowship members and friends for tasks otherwise covered by volunteers
  • Fellowship justice commitments and related next steps
  • Anticipated internship of a Eugene-based candidate for the UU ministry
  • Upcoming reboot of the website
  • User-problems on Breeze, of which Breeze is aware and working on
  • Agenda and logistics of the upcoming Board retreat Approved
  • Changes to the policy related to the Care of Shared Ministry
  • Reaffirmation of the Fellowship’s commitments to divestment and climate justice
  • Removal of two dangerously and increasingly leaning incense-cedars