Videos from GA 2023

~Public Videos from the UUA General Assembly in June 2023
Whether you attended or not, whether in person or online, everyone can now view and share the Public Videos from GA 2023. Public Videos include all General Sessions, plus three mainstage worship services: Service of the Living Tradition, Synergy Bridging Service, and Sunday Worship.

~Recommended for Families with young children: “The Tending Years” by J.L. Shattuck
Every day you meet your child’s spiritual and emotional needs—you just don’t know it. In this accessible and comforting book, J.L. Shattuck provides insight into your child’s earliest rituals. Unlike parenting books that ask you to change the way you interact with your child, this easy-to-read volume details the ways in which you’re already tending to your child’s needs and offers inspiration and support to help you throught he preschool years and beyond. Available for pre-order from the UUA Bookstore (InSpirit, at