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Starting in the Fall of 2023 we began posting the Weekly Announcements on the website, which included summaries of the sermons. If you are looking for sermons from before what we have here, you might check the Weekly Announcements Archives.

  • “Housing, Shelter, and Deservedness” 7/21/24

    The world’s problems are local as much as global. Members of our Secure Housing and Food For All team work locally on issues of food, shelter and housing, right here and right now. They’ll help us welcome our speaker — Fellowship member Andrea Myhre who is the Executive Director of Corvallis Housing First. Andrea has helped change the landscape in Corvallis around with regard to homelessness, and she has much to share with us.


  • “Imagine Peace” 7/14/24

    What does PEACE mean to you? no war? Good relations with your neighbors? a life with enough for everyone? Join us as several Fellowship members, including Bill Glassmire, Molly Curry and Joyce Federiuk, share their understandings of peace and why we need to give more attention to it. Rev. Monica Jacobson Tennessen joins us to host the service.


  • Service Cancelled Due to High Temperatures, 7/7

    Stay cool, Everyone!


  • “Be Careful What You Worship” 6/30/24

    It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said “… it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping, we are becoming.” This brings up the question of our “liturgical year”: What are the holidays / holy days we observe, or celebrate, and why? If we could choose, what would be the most important days or events or observances to include in our congregational life, as a way of helping to orient us to what is most important? Maybe we can choose! This is worth some discussion.


  • “She, They And Me” 6/23/24

    “In the places and times of my growing up, definitions of and attitudes toward gender and sexuality were highly circumscribed, biased, narrow-minded, and I realized later, oppressive. My introduction to broader views and my evolving understandings of gender, sexuality and myself have been deeply intertwined with my life in the Fellowship and within Unitarian Universalism. This is one of the reasons that I appreciate Pride Month, which at the very least reminds me to keep learning.”

    With Rev. Jill McAllister


  • “Summer Solstice: Considering the Sun” 6/16/2024

    The longest day of the year is almost here. We think of it as the advent of summer — the season of sun and heat and growth. As summers here lengthen and intensify, as we feel so many changes on the earth, how shall we consider the sun – both the spark of life and the fire of destruction?


  • “The Shared World” 6/9/24

    We may live with different ideas of what is real, what is true, and what is important, yet as human beings, with each other and all other living things, the fact is we live in a shared world.  As our country and other parts of our lives feel increasingly fragmented, how do our values call us back to the facts of connectedness?


  • “River of Life Ceremonies”, 6/2/2024

    As the regular church year draws to a close, let’s reflect on what it means to be in a truly multigenerational community. We will hear credos from some of the youth who recently completed Coming of Age, honor our bridging seniors as they become young adults, and make commitments to support one another at every bend in the river of life. 


  • “In Memoriam”, 5/26/2024

    On this Memorial Day Weekend Sunday, we’ll remember and honor Fellowship members who have died in the past year. We’ll remember the origins of Memorial Day.  We’ll consider life before death, and life after death, and what “two deaths” means. With Revs. Jill McAllister and Leslie Chartier.

    If you would like to have someone you’ve lost named and remembered in this service, please let Rev. Jill McAllister know ( by Thursday May 23. 


  • “Air, Breath, Music!” 5/19/2024

    In many ancient descriptions of the seasons, when calling the four directions, East is associated with Spring, and Spring is the direction of morning, of beginnings, and of Air. To be alive is to know Air, is to be breathing: to be human is to be aware of being breathed. This fundamental truth is a grounding source of gratitude. Breathing is also the source of singing, which is one of the ways we let Air move through us, and one of the ways we give voice to our gratitude.

    Our service this morning gives thanks for Air, for breath, and for the music which lives in us and through us. We’ll also give thanks for our choir as they share several new and old pieces of music. Come join us as we open ourselves to the movements of Air, breath and music!

    New members will be welcomed during the service, and following the service all members are encouraged, needed and invited to stay to participate in our Annual Meeting, beginning at 11:45 AM.


  • “Tending Our Selves” 5/12/2024

    Jill will welcome guest speaker Jen Shattuck. Jen is a UU religious educator and author who serves on the staff at both the Unitarian Church of Barnstable MA and Sanctuary Boston. She is the author of The Tending Years, a book for those caring for preschool-age children, and is also the creator of Ellery Churchmouse, a video series for UU kids and their families.

    In her sermon she’ll consider “who” we bring when we come together – our many identities, experiences, hopes, needs and more. The service will include a dedication of children, and special music from Johanna Beekman. Afterward Jen will host a post-sermon discussion, which might include questions about the sermon, about her book “The Tending Years” (copies available), about neurodivergence and more.


  • “Which Way To Turn?” 5/5/2024

    The turning of the earth, of the year, of the seasons, of the heart. Turning inward, turning outward, turning away, turning toward. “To turn” is a fruitful way to describe and understand the religious life. As the old Shaker song says, it’s by ‘turning, turning that we come round right.’ In these days turning often feels frantic, as in which way to turn? Is there anywhere safe to turn? Turning can become spinning, and dizziness, and falling. What can we learn that will help us in all this turning?

    Rev. Jill McAllister



We have saved videos from most of the services from the past several years. Occasionally a service video doesn’t get recorded, or saved. If you can’t find a on the YouTube playlists, it might be in the Facebook live stream videos.

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