October 1, Braver and Wiser

~Worship is our shared Unitarian Universalist practice of exploring, connecting to, and creating the ways
that our individual lives fit into a larger whole. Not all UUs share the same beliefs or opinions–our religious tradition doesn’t expect or require consensus—but our shared worship forms a vessel for us to find meaning together. By devoting ourselves to a regular time of encountering and engaging that which is greater, wiser, and more compassionate than our individual selves, we create opportunities for transformation and meaning-making. The UUA offers many resources for worship – for congregations, small groups, and for home practice. Find out more at uua.org/inspiration.

~Braver / Wiser — Courage and Compassion for Life as It Is : A weekly reflection from the UUA
Life is full of hard edges and complicated choices. Braver/Wiser gives you weekly message of courage and compassion for life as it is. Every Wednesday we deliver an original written reflection and brief prayer, grounded in Unitarian Universalism. Join the Braver/Wiser community and sign up today!