Nursery Care


The nursery. located in room 4 of the classroom wing, is a space where our youngest members can build the foundational trust and sense of community necessary to flourish as spiritual and emotional beings at UUFC and beyond. Our nursery care providers follow the child’s lead, model and encourage sharing and good citizenship, and prioritize having fun!

We know that attachment styles vary widely from family to family and child to child, so parents are always welcome to stay in the nursery to help their child become acclimated. We encourage parents to share their own preferences around things like how long to let their child cry for them before calling them out of the sanctuary and best methods of soothing during those initial trust-building days. We’re here to make this as comfortable and positive a transition as possible for our tiny friends!

Below is a little look at what you can expect in the nursery at UUFC!


Before dropping your child off for the first time, we ask that you register them for the nursery. You can do this by stopping at the tree stump in the classroom wing and clicking “Nursery Registration” on the iPad, or register in advance with this link. This allows us to provide the safest possible experience and to contact you if you are needed during the service. Once registered, our nursery care team will be able to check your child in on their phone whenever you drop off.

Please do not leave your child unattended in the nursery when no childcare provider is present, or take them without checking out with a nursery care provider. We also ask that you pickup your child before attending coffee hour in the social hall so that our caregivers can have time with their spiritual community as well.


The nursery is staffed with a combination of paid childcare providers and fully background-checked volunteers from our Grandfolks Squad who are eager to provide a caring and uplifting environment for our smallest members.


From building to cooking, driving to climbing, there’s something to spark any imagination in our nursery! Our space is thoughtfully prepared with diverse, non-biased books, toys, and puzzles that encourage creativity, curiosity, and self-exploration. There is always water available in the nursery, and children can bring their own snack , if desired, but because allergies are still being identified at this age, we do not provide snacks or allow snack sharing in the nursery.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that parents take care of their child’s diapering and potty training needs. A changing station and diaper pail are provided in the bathroom beside the nursery, and parents are welcome to use the changing pad stored in the nursery if there is a need while that bathroom is occupied.

Grandfolks Squad for Event Chilcare

When parents of young children wish to attend UUFC events other than the Sunday service, they can request childcare from the Grandfolks Squad by filling out this request form. Every effort will be made to arrange for a team of Grandfolks to care for your child, free of charge, while you attend a UUFC sponsored event. Please note, Grandfolks are not available for non Fellowship gatherings.

As mentioned above, grandfolks are volunteers who are background checked and serve in teams of two, in accordance with our safe congregation policies.