From the Board

This month our board meeting was held on Tuesday, 12/19. Highlights of this meeting:

  • The board reviewed  proposed additions to the bylaws to include the Committee on Ministry. This committee has been active at the Fellowship for 10 years: a bylaw change will clarify its role as central to the priorities of the Board and congregation.  
  • Approved an increase in hours for the RE Director to better reflect the needs of a growing RE program, thanks to the excellent work of our DRE Skyla King-Christisen. 
  • Formed a subcommittee to design a review process for several ongoing priority commitments of the Board and congregation, including anti-racism work, responses to the climate crisis, and being an official Welcoming Congregation.
  • Made minor changes to the UUFC Board Policies to clarify outdated language.
  • Heard a proposal from the Grounds Stewards Team to relocate and replace the garden shed as a step in transforming the area between the Ampinefu (social hall) patio and the north lawn from “back of business”, haphazard storage to beautiful sacred space.