Fellowship Building Has a Sparkly Clean Look!

Our Fellowship Building has a sparkly clean look after 21 adults and 3 children spent a Saturday morning washing all the windows inside and outside ; hand-cleaning the red chairs and bench seats and dust-cleaning the mobiles and high-up areas in the sanctuary; All throw pillows have been washed; Room 7 furniture vacuumed. Outside, all the playground equipment was pressure washed, all the rain gutters cleaned, painting projects completed, and the patio area weeded and improved.

Many thanks to Sair Wylie, Robert T Meyer, Jack Elder, Dianne Roth, Diane Weisner, Nancy Kyle, Lynn Evans, Allison Smith,Brian Egan, Kris Egan, Priscilla Galasso, Roberta Smith, Jill McAllister , C Giles, Thea Hart and Ursa, Lirael, and Perri Hart,Adrienne Kimmy, Laurie Reed, Tom Sattizahn, and Julie Halter.

Our community rocks !

Wolfgang Dengler and Nick Houtman, Building Stewards