Connect Up

Are you looking for ways to meet with other UUs and build community? Then Connect Up is a great resource for you!

Connect Up events provide a way to get to know each other in smaller group settings. Events can range from book clubs and game nights to bird watching, wine tasting and local hikes — just to name a few. Everyone is welcome to participate and everyone is encouraged to host an event.

Information about current events can be found on the Connections Board in the hallway near the Firwood Doors, in the monthly newsletter and the weekly announcements. Some events require RSVP and others may have a limited number of attendees, email the contact person to indicate your intent to attend and get updates if changes happen. Please show up slightly early or at least on time so the event can begin promptly and you do not distract others or minimize the efforts of the host. Be prepared and be engaged.
If you are interested in hosting a Connect Up event, please send an email with the following information to

  1. Name of the event
  2. Event description
  3. Name and contact information for the leader
  4. Date
  5. Time
  6. Location: if holding at UUFC, please indicate which room/space)Our team will reserve your room reservation and then follow up with you when confirmation is received. We will also create a flyer specific to your event for the Connections Board and get it listed in the monthly newsletter/weekly announcements.