Celebrating Inquires Series Milestones!

It’s been beautiful to witness the unfolding of the Inquirers Series this year, as we’ve envisioned new ways to invite folks to explore “how we do church” together here in Corvallis, as well as what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist in a broader context. The feedback from visitors as well as long-time members has been great!

Thanks to our dedicated Inquirers Series team, over 70 people have engaged with this program in just 9 months! Thank you to Rev. Jill McAllister, John Bailey, Bobbi Bailey, Karen Josephson, Dawn Dirks, and Sandy Piper for their tireless commitment to welcoming and tending our growing community.

In the service on Sunday, you had a chance to meet some of the folks who have completed the entire series! A few of them were happy to share a little something about what they enjoyed about the series in hopes of inspiring more of us to gather and learn together. Have a read, catch the vision, and then come join us in Room 8 at 11:45 any Sunday that works for you! We’d love to see you there!

Callum Barnum

I think my favorite part of the inquirers series was how much more I was able to understand about the background and purpose of the UU, and what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.

Kristi Komar

I really enjoyed the Inquirers Series.  I learned a lot about UU history in general and the UUFC’s.  I especially liked the walk around the grounds.

Christina Marquardt

I liked the idea of a basic intro to the fellowship.  When we were here 12 years ago, there was nothing like it. Small groups typically work better for me, and the Inquirer’s Series allowed me to get to know other members more quickly than I would have in the much larger group. We need more small groups to unite our much larger fellowship. 

Brandi Tucker

I really enjoyed the grounds tour with John, where he crystallized the UUFC vision for all of us. In fact, you couldn’t ask for better ambassadors of a welcoming congregation than he and his wife Bobbi. Please enjoy these photos of us on tour. I am proud to say Rev. Jill referred to us as a good flock 😉