Classroom Wing Renovation Progress Update

The architect and engineers have told us that they would have permit-ready plans by July 15th. At that point the plans will be sent to the City of Corvallis Building Dept. for review, which takes 3-4 weeks. Simultaneously the plans will be sent to our contractor, Gerding Construction Co., where they will begin their subcontractor bidding, planning and scheduling process. If all goes well construction may start sometime in September. Meanwhile UU volunteers will be cleaning out the classroom wing in preparation for demolition and construction. We hope to have all items removed from the construction area by end of July. Then we will begin our own efforts at demolition work with completion of that work by the end of August.

How can you help? Here is a preliminary list of needs: We need sturdy boxes or reusable plastic bins to store books and other items. They can be left outside the foyer doors near the bench.

We need storage space in garages, basements or spare rooms (contact Jill) We need volunteers for packing, storage and demolition. Later we will need volunteers for painting and moving everything back in. Wolfgang Dengler will have volunteer signup sheets available soon.

We do not yet know how long the construction process will be but the building facilities team will provide regular schedule updates throughout the process.

Thank you for your patience,

Brian Egan