Board of Directors

The UUFC is self-governed by the congregation. In its Bylaws, the congregation delegates certain responsibilities to an elected Board of Directors. The Board meets each month to manage the affairs of the Fellowship. Its roles are to make policy and authorize certain expenditures within the congregation-approved budget. When authorized by the congregation at required annual or other meetings, the Board may also purchase, sell or encumber real property; contract with a minister; make expenditures from the principal of eligible endowment funds; and borrow money or otherwise pledge the credit of the Fellowship, giving, pledging, mortgaging or encumbering any corporate assets as security for the payment or repayment of any corporate obligations.

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Members of the Board of Directors are pictured below. 

Photo of Steve Strauss, board president

Steve Strauss (he/him)


Scott Bruslind (he/him)


Carl English-Young


Steve Strauss (he/him)


Gavin Araki (he/him)


Craig Olbrich (he/him)


Not Pictured:

Ann Marchant (she/her), director

Jema Patterson (she/her), director

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