Welcome to the Online Collection Basket!

Our September Justice Outreach offerings will support our Partner Congregation in Bozod Korispatak, Transylvania, which is in Romania. Our partnership is 28 years old! In that time we have supported tuition for many students, plus stipends for ministry and elders. Our partners have hosted Fellowship members many times, and we have hosted them as well. The Korispatak congregation is part of the Hungarian Unitarian Church, the ancestral home of Unitarianism.

Information about the Monthly Outreach Offering, as well as about UUFC Justice Teams, is posted on the bulletin board at the northeast corner of the Social Hall. Learn more about our Partner Church there.


Like the physical baskets we pass when meeting in person, you can choose to donate to the Social Concern, or donate to the Operations of our Fellowship, or donate to both!

To change the fund you’re donating to, simply click on the arrow next to “Give to …” and select from the drop-down menu. You can also select a one time or recurring donation, and credit card or bank transfer.