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RE Storytelling

We always try to do something a little different for our Summer RE programs. Usually, that involves all-ages hands-on projects, neat outdoor adventures, or guests from the Fellowship hanging out with the children and sharing their passions. Obviously, we can’t do that this year, but we still wanted to do something special. The RE department has been putting out RE Storytelling podcasts for several months now, in an attempt to bring the RE experience to you and your families in the safety and comfort of your homes in as flexible a manner as possible. You’ve heard lots of stories from me, Rachel. But for the summer, wouldn’t it be fun to hear some stories from you? If you and your family have a favorite story, we’d love to hear it! That’s going to be our special summer RE project.Here’s how this will work.

Follow these steps from Rachel:

Step 1

Choose a story. It can be a family favorite, a fairy tale, or even something you’ve made up! If you’d like some ideas, this neat anthology of stories and poems about hope has been floating around the UU RE-verse for a few months. I took last week’s Time For All Ages from it:

Step 2

Record the story! Most smartphones have a recording app, but you can also use a computer that has a webcam. My go-to free audio software is Audacity. Try to record the story in as quiet a place as possible. Don’t worry too much about mistakes; I can edit a lot of things out, including some background noises.

Step 3

Send me the audio file via email (! Include the title of the story, the author, and who is reading it.

Step 4

I will edit the story into podcast format, complete with music and sound effects like I do with the stories I tell. I’ll also come up with a cool craft or activity to go with it.

Step 5

Profit! Everyone at the Fellowship gets to hear your beautiful voices!

To send your story, email our Interim Director of Religious Exploration:

Rachel Kohler