About UUFC

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If you are seeking a religious home that honors each person’s religious journey within a framework of human dignity and self-determination, the UUFC might be the place for you.

If your religious thinking is eclectic and you are open to new understandings and broad interpretations of the meaning and purpose of life, then the UUFC may offer thought-provoking opportunities.

If religious community is important to you and you value the creative and comforting interchange that happens only in community, but you chafe at the rigidity of orthodox religion, then the UUFC will be a breath of fresh air.

Please try us out some Sunday morning. Our worship service begins at 10:00 AM, and there is an outdoor coffee hour immediately following the service. You can join us remotely on zoom at this link. We offer infant and toddler care as well as a full program of Religious Exploration from pre-k through high school youth group during the service.

When you first visit us, be sure to stop by our Welcome Table during, before, or after the Sunday worship service. Friendly hosts will answer your questions and provide other information about our church. You may also sign up for our email list, or a name tag.

Explore. Love. Act.

We gather as an inclusive religious community to search for meaning, build deep connections, and inspire action toward a better world for all.