The UUFC Building is currently closed, due to the novel Coronavirus. We are not accepting rental inquiries at this time.

The Fellowship offers a variety of spaces for rent in our unique building, including classrooms, larger gathering halls, a kitchen, and large Sanctuary.

The Fellowship is dedicated to education, sustainability, social justice, the arts, and community-building. We welcome renters to enjoy our space – including individuals, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and the larger community – and hope that our renters will work with us towards these shared efforts.

A “rental” is for any person or organization that would like to use Fellowship space for personal events, recitals, talks, workshops, organizational meetings and events, etc. 

[This is not the process for Fellowship teams requesting rooms for Fellowship activities. That request can be made using our room reservation request.]

To rent Fellowship space, please follow the following steps:

1. Review the Calendar for potential availability. 

2. Review our Rental Rates.

3. Download and fill out the UUFC Facility Rental Reservation Request Form.

4. Email the completed form to

Please note that we do not process rentals over the phone. 

(This page is still under construction)