Parents – we welcome you and your children!

The UUFC considers religious education of children and youth central to our mission. Our approach is to guide, support, and assist individuals while they explore life’s questions. Our Religious Exploration (RE) program provides a sense of fellowship through participation in fun and meaningful activities, sharing ideas and experiencing personal success.

Our RE program’s specific goals are to:

–       Provide a welcoming and meaningful experience for children and youth.

–       Create a physically and emotionally supportive environment.

–       Encourage feelings of self-worth.

–       Build a sense of community.

–       Help children and youth clarify moral, ethical, and interpersonal values.

–       Nurture respect and love for family, community, all humanity, and our earth.

Roles for Parents

Parents play many important roles in our RE programs, including volunteering as teachers, advisors, or occasional helpers for transportation, field trips, or retreats; serving on the Lifespan RE Council; and just supporting the participation of your children and youth. If you have particular interests or talents that might contribute to the program, please contact RE staff. We greatly value your ideas and contributions!

Our Curricula

The curricula selected by the RE Council and the Religious Exploration staff is focused on building a strong UU identity. Curricula themes include, but are not limited to UU history and heritage, world religions, life questions, values and ethics, social justice, and the interdependent web of life. All of these curricula provide opportunities for service to others and reflect our latest understanding of anti-oppression, anti-racism, and multiculturalism. Our national organization, the Unitarian Universalist Association or UUA, provide some of curricula, but we also draw on other sources and tailor programs to our needs and opportunities.


Our theme for Religious Exploration for fall 2016 through spring 2017 is “Who Are UU? Putting Our Principles Into Practice”. Through stories, worship, rituals, activities, presentations and discussions, all ages will explore the many ways we express and pursue our religious beliefs and paths. We’ll learn about famous and not-so-famous Unitarian Universalists, both present day, and throughout history. We’ll learn various spiritual practices that help people find meaning and purpose in life, meet challenges, and grow and deepen in our religious life together. We’ll work on living our UUFC Mission: “Explore. Love. Act. We gather as an inclusive religious community to search for meaning, build deep connections, and inspire action toward a better world for all.”

tapestry of faith lifespan RE

The UUA provides a variety of curricula that we tailor to our needs – Tapestry of Faith is an example.

To register your infant, toddler, child, or youth, go the RE Registration page.

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OUR MISSION…  Explore. Love. Act. We gather as an inclusive religious community to search for meaning, build deep connections, and inspire action toward a better world for all.