Sunday morning programs are offered for children (pre-K – 6th grade) during the 11:00 AM service (10:00 AM in the summer). Children are grouped by age/grade and use curricula tailored to the developmental stages in each class and incorporate a variety of activities to address the wide range of learning styles represented within our classes. Elements of worship, learning, community building, and service are incorporated into our programs each week.

Worship is an important component of our religious experience. On most Sundays, children begin in the sanctuary with their families for opening worship with the entire congregation. This time of worship includes a special “Time for All Ages”. Children also have worship experiences within their own classes. They participate in the ritual of “Lighting the Chalice”, sing, meditate, question, and share as they explore the wonder of the world together.

For more information about our Children’s RE Programs, contact DRE Michael Molk – molk@uucorvallis.org.

To register your child, go to our Registration page.

Special Programs for Children

  • Child Dedication: A UU tradition of welcoming children into the church community.
  • Our Whole Lives (OWL): A Unitarian Universalist Association program of sexuality education (kindergarten/1st grade and 5th/6th grades). This program is offered every other year.
  • All Fellowship Celebrations: Day of the Dead, Earth Day, Winter Holidays, Flower Communion, etc.
  • Family Ministry: Special themed dinners, Egg Hunt, Holiday caroling & tree trim, etc.
  • Service Projects: Heifer International, UNICEF, UUSC Guest at Your Table, Humane Society, South Corvallis Food Bank, etc.

Volunteering as RE Teachers or Guides

Teaching at UUFC is a ministry serving the children and youth of the Fellowship. Adults working with the children and youth of the Fellowship are parents and non-parents from all walks of life. We like to call these adult leaders “guides” rather than teachers. They assist in guiding the children and youth through exploration of religious beliefs, ideas and values using UUFC-approved curricula. To learn more about volunteering, contact DRE Michael Molk – molk@uucorvallis.org. You can also download a Volunteer application form on our Registration page.

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