Programs and Activities


Love to sing or play an instrument? Music is an integral, enriching part of worship and the life of the UUFC. Become part of it. Our choir includes more than 40 members and friends and is led by Music Director, David Servias  and pianist Lauren Servias ( The entire congregation joins in the singing during Sunday Services and frequently guest musicians perform.


The UUFC’s Religious Exploration (RE) programs are led by the Director of Religious Exploration, Rachel Kohler ( Rachel is advised by the RE Council and supported by many volunteer members and friends. Programs serve children (pre-K through 6th grade), youth (7th through 12th grades), and adults of all ages. Childcare is provided for infants and toddlers.

If you’d like to help teach, advise, or otherwise assist with a RE program, consider volunteering – contact Rachel. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Links to the overview pages for each of our RE programs are provided below.

  • Information for Parents
  • Care for Infants and Toddlers
  • RE for Children
  • RE for Youth (grades 7-12)
  • RE for Adults


A current listing of our Connect Up events will be available here again once the threat of COVID-19 has subsided.


Do you think you would enjoy exploring religious or spiritual questions in a small group setting? Consider joining a Chalice/Covenant Group. A focal point for our small group ministries, chalice groups of 8-10 individuals meet regularly at convenient times and provide a great way to learn more about your fellow UUs and what they think and believe is true. Contact Elona Meyer ( for more information.


The Fellowship Care and Support Team is a group of members working with our minister to serve the congregation by providing help during times of crisis or transition, by offering one-to-one caring support, and by helping people connect with appropriate community resources.  UUFC has over 300 members, and the Caring Connection wants to be there for every one of them. 

The Fellowship Care and Support Team is expanding its pastoral services to provide short-term care for our members. This would include things like transportation, meals, pet walking, yard work, etc. Here’s a full list of what we can do.


Social justice is one of the cornerstones of the Unitarian Universalist movement. The Justice Council of UUFC coordinates social justice activities both within UUFC and in the wider community. Under the Justice Council are specific committees working on climate justice, environmental action, social concerns, and other projects.

Justice Outreach Fund Group

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis maintains a Justice Outreach Fund for grants that are focused on high-impact projects aimed at seeding and achieving social, economic, racial, environmental and other kinds of justice.

As the designated Grant Committee we are pleased to announce the launch of a pilot grant program to make some initial small grants from this fund. We will use the learning from this pilot program to refine the grant process for ongoing implementation.

Purpose: The Justice Outreach Fund promotes the application of the seven Unitarian Universalist principles.

Proposals: The Justice Outreach Fund makes grants that are focused on high-impact projects that are aimed at seeding and achieving social, economic, racial, environmental and other kinds of justice.

social justice 4

Standing on the Side of Love – support for LGBTQ, marriage equality, immigrants, human rights, and more.


In addition to its regular financial stewardship programs, the UUFC conducts three annual fundraising events, each of which require many volunteers. Sign up to help – it’s a great way to get to know other members and friends. The fundraisers include:

Holiday Bazaar The annual Holiday Bazaar is held in December. This year will be virtual, but there will still be many opportunities to volunteer.

Services Auction The annual Services Auction is held in May.

Rummage Sale in the summer, usually the last weekend in August.


The UUFC Services Auction is a blast!