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Religious Exploration

Religious Exploration (RE) is one of the ways that UUFC supports faith development at all stages of life. RE offers participants opportunities to develop spiritual practices, connect with our liberal religious heritage, cultivate understanding and respect for diverse religious traditions, clarify our own personal values, and utilize our unique gifts to create a better world for all.

Birth – age 4 Nursery Care and Family Area

To honor the diversity of attachment styles and blossoming personalities, we offer two options for infants and toddlers on Sunday mornings. Families may check their children in for cooperative playtime in the nursery (room 4) before the service begins, or stay together in the Family Area in the gallery of our sanctuary, which has been set up for comfortable nursing, play, reading, or naps during the service. Choose what feels right for your family.

Kindergarten-Grade 5, Spirit Play

Children five and up begin Sunday mornings in the sanctuary and head to Spirit Play in Rooms 6 after the time for all ages. Spirit Play is a Montessori-inspired RE program that includes active storytelling, wondering time, and child-directed activities carefully designed to develop the skills of independent thought and community building.

Grades 6-12 Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)

At this time, our middle and high school programs are combined on Sunday mornings for YRUU in Room 7. In this space, we encourage shared adult/youth leadership and select curriculum that explores personal engagement with values like awareness, courage, empathy, and joy. During the summer, we use a program called D’oh, God! that uses carefully curated episodes of the Simpsons to spark discussion about culture and world religion.

We offer a monthly special event outside of Sunday mornings, which often includes youth from other congregations. You can access our most up-to-date youth event calendar.

*7 & 8th graders are offered an annual special program, alternating between Coming of Age and OWL.

Learn more about youth programs.

Adults 18+

We offer a variety of workshops and programs for adults throughout the year. Some are one-time offerings that are chosen to meet the immediate needs of our congregation, while others you can count on returning in a predictable cycle. Annual offerings include UU History and World Religions offered by Reverend Jill McAllister, and Coming of Age and OWL offered by the RE Team.

Other Offerings of interest:

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