July 8, 2016

Dear all –

I write to share a few thoughts at the end of this first week of July, another week full of life. I am reeling, and mourning today, from the news of more killing. I was already reeling at the report of two more black men killed. Now the news of the killing of police officers and others at the rally in Dallas. This IS what racism looks like among us. This is how hard it is, how volatile it is, how much anger there is. Constant violence, and pent-up and exploding pain. I began this week looking closely at the differences between independence (not possible for the life of a community) and interdependence (the fact of Life itself). Once again, I feel the deep fractures between people, and between people and the Earth. I have in mind our Sunday morning gathered community, I can see your faces, and I remember they are my source of hope that we can continue to see and help heal the fractures, both within us and between us.

We are all called. We are most certainly and most definitely called right now to examine how racism, and violence, and the need to be only for ourselves, live within us. We are called to learn more truth. We are called to keep stepping into new understandings and new ways of living, every day, for all lives and for the life of the Earth.

Please, read at least one book about racism this summer. And read at least one book about the interconnected-ness of racism, violence, and the state of the earth. And come to the Fellowship, to remember that you are part of a living community, of people with different ways and needs, but all affected by the way the world is now. Come to share with each other, learn with each other, and help each other.

I’m on my way out of town for a few weeks, leaving tomorrow. Our oldest son is getting married. I welcome the chance to see family and friends and remember the joy in our lives. After the wedding I’ll join an international gathering of U-U’s, focusing on how climate change affects us all and on what we can do together as a small but global faith movement. I’ll be back on July 26, and look forward to seeing you again then. While I’m gone, I hope you’ll help welcome Jamie Petts to our office. Jamie and Fellowship President Carl English Young and Pastoral Care Coordinator Diana Vezmar Bailey always know how to get in touch with me when I’m away.

May you know peace, and may more love live through you into the world —

Jill McAllister