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  • “The Cauldron of Flowers”
    Monday was Samhain (also known as Halloween), a time to honor those who have gone before us and a time to honor the natural cycle of death that creates and nurtures life. Let’s honor that cycle with a slightly spooky story about death and flowers! After you listen to the story, perhaps you’d like to … Read more “The Cauldron of Flowers”
  • “The Bean Sidhe”
    This week’s story is a sad one, because not all stories can be joyful. A dying child and a kind spirit help the grownups around her to grieve with honesty and truth. In the same way that not all stories are joyful, not all feelings are joyful, either! Sometimes feelings can be hard, but it’s … Read more “The Bean Sidhe”
  • “The Midwife and the Hagstone” 
    Today’s story is about seeing truly, seeing things others would rather not see. It’s based on a very old story called The Fairy’s Midwife, but it’s a very different take on the premise! After you listen, why not go outside and see if you can find your own hagstone? Hagstones are also called adderstanes, witch … Read more “The Midwife and the Hagstone” 
  • “The Child Who Kept Their Promises”
    Today’s story is about promises…and about gardens! Have you ever made a promise? They’re important! But it’s also important to ask for help when we need it, and that’s what happens in the story. After you listen, you can make your own garden of promises! We all keep lots of promises every day, some big, … Read more “The Child Who Kept Their Promises”
  • “How the Autumn Came”
    Today’s story celebrates autumn! It was the autumn equinox last Thursday, which is also called Mabon. So here is a re-imagining of one of the many myths about the seasons, a new way to tell the Greek story of Hades and Persephone. After you listen, one of the best things about autumn is APPLES. Apples … Read more “How the Autumn Came”