Members and friends of the UUFC have many reasons for being part of this religious community. Often they say they come for their children, but end up staying for themselves. Some just love to sing and quickly find their place in the choir. Others seek spiritual or personal inspiration for daily living, while still others want to add their passion to social or environmental justice causes we support. Some members are retired and may choose to spend time to become quite deeply involved in one or more of the Fellowships many activities. But, of course that is not the case with all members. We encourage your involvement to whatever extent best fits your interests and lifestyle.

Judy Malouf

Sharing conversation over meals is an important part of life at the UUFC.

So whatever drew you here in the first place, we invite you to get involved, build your own community, and become part of our “beloved community.” If you have a particular interest, talent, or passion you’d like to share, let us know. No doubt you’ll find the opportunity to engage with like-minded others in this community. Get involved and you’ll find that the old truism applies – “I get back more than I give!”


Members helping out in the kitchen.

Here are a few of the myriad ways to get involved –

  • Worship together on Sundays
  • Raise your voice as part of our wonderful choir
  • Become part of a volunteer teaching team for children or youth programs
  • Break bread together at an Action Lunch, a Fellowship potluck, or a 7 at 7 Dinner
  • Give of your time, talents, and financial resources to support the Fellowship
  • Join a Chalice Group and get to know a small group of members and friends in a more intimate setting
  • Take an Adult Religious Exploration class
  • Like leadership roles? – Serve on a committee, the Program Council, or the Board of Trustees
  • Become a member of the Caring Connection
  • Participate in other Fellowship events during the week – this website and the UUFC Weekly Announcements have information on various Fellowship activities. Check them out!


Below you’ll find descriptions and contact information for UUFC programs, activities, and committees you might enjoy. You can also learn more about these at a First Steps presentation here at the Fellowship every fourth Sunday of the month at 11:00 AM (10:00 AM in the summer).



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