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Would you like to receive UUFC news electronically?

We send out Weekly Announcements, links for Sunday service recordings, and many other pieces of information through our electronic email distribution list, called “UU-Announce.”

UUFC Email Distribution List Sign-up Instructions


To subscribe to our UUFC Email Distribution list called UU-Announce, which is for UUFC news and events only, visit this website:!forum/announce and add your email. If you need further assistance, send an email to

Once you are subscribed, you can send an announcement to this list by emailing: This list is moderated, so be sure to include a descriptive title in the Subject Line, be explicit in your connection to Fellowship work, and include contact name and information or it will not be approved. Like any other email that you send, if you are the sender, you will not receive a copy of the email.

UU-Discuss  –>  Mighty Networks

UU-Discuss has been retired. If you are interested in joining our new, private communications platform, called Mighty Networks, please email: This platform is for UUFC members and friends.