calendarUUFC rooms and equipment are heavily used, both for UUFC events and, when available, as rentals. To better serve you, we ask for your cooperation in using the reservation system outlined below. Thank you! Please note that the UUFC does not take room reservation requests by phone. 

For activities that are directly related to “Fellowship work or projects,” for which we have active teams or committees or mandates, the building use can be free, subject to availability, and considered part of that work.  For everything else, building use is a rental. If your event is not directly related to the work of the Fellowship, it is considered a rental. The rental process is different (visit the “Rentals” page here). 


To see details of any event, click on the event. Note that the calendar will not show set up and clean up times, so reservation requests should include at least a half hour before and after events in requesting rooms, or more if your setup is more complicated.


Members and friends: to book space for a UUFC meeting or to let us know about an offsite UUFC activity, fill out a UUFC Facility Reservation Request/Event Notice. (Please note, THIS IS NOT THE OPTION TO USE IF THIS IS A RENTAL. For rentals, please click here.)

Options for using this form are below. If you have requested a reservation, but don’t see your event listed, please let the Office know at or (541) 752-5218.

Three options for obtaining and filling out reservation forms are below:

1 – Facility Reservation/Event Notice (PDF) – Use this form to reserve rooms and equipment – print, complete the form, and drop it off at the UUFC office.

2 – Facility Reservation/Event Notice (MS WORD) – Alternatively, use this MS Word fill-in version of the form. Download it, add your information, save and email it directly to the Church Operations Manager at

3 – Get a paper copy of the Facility Reservation/Event Notice form at the UUFC; they are located on the tall table just outside the UUFC main office. Pick one up, check the calendar notebook located in the wire mesh holder on the Office door for room availability, fill out the form, and leave in the Church Operations Manager’s mailbox.

Room and equipment abbreviations are here – Calendar Room Abbreviations. Rentals for non-UUFC events are noted by the color green in the time slot.

Please note that on Sundays, rooms in the RE wing are not available until a half hour after services, except for Room 7 (Ralph Waldo Emerson room), which is not available until one hour after services. Finally, please note that the UUFC does not take room reservation requests by phone. Thank you for your cooperation.