Accessibility Information

We are pleased to be able to offer a sanctuary that is accessible to people using wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and other mobility aids: our entrances have ramps and curb cuts, and there are designated “wheelchair parking” spaces among the seats in our sanctuary. We also acknowledge some accessibility challenges for people using mobility aids: our social hall can be crowded and difficult to navigate after services, not all rooms in our RE wing are set up for access by wider wheelchairs, and the second floor of our RE wing has only stairs and is not accessible at all to those who do not use stairs.

We ask people attending services and events at the UUFC to refrain from using scented products, but we acknowledge that this is not a request that will ever have perfect compliance.

Our services are also audible in our social hall, which has hardwood floors.

We have increased the number of accessible parking spaces in our parking lot, including some that are designed as accessible for Sunday mornings only.

We request that dishes at potlucks, bake sales, and other events with food bear ingredient labels so those with dietary restrictions may make informed choices about safe eating. We provide labels in our kitchen for this purpose.

Our bathrooms are all single user bathrooms. The five bathrooms on our ground floor are large enough to accommodate mobility aids and all have at least one grab bar near the toilet. One is fully ADA-compliant.

If you have additional questions or suggestions about accessibility, please contact the UUFC office at 541-752-5218 or

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