Our Shared Future

Each year UUFC members and friends come together to make the pledges of financial support that enable the UUFC to exist, and to serve as a beacon of liberal religion and the focal point of a vibrant community.

The 2019-2020 pledge drive is ongoing during April. We invite you to give generously and pledge early! Your early participation will help us save valuable time and resources. Your Annual Pledge is the single most important source of support for the Fellowship and nothing else is more important than your continued generous contribution to the UUFC operating budget. As always, we aim for 100% participation.

Pledging can be a spiritual practice – an activity we choose to engage in which, over time, helps us grow in wisdom, compassion and love. To pledge and regularly pay that pledge calls one toward greater generosity.

Each week we say together the words of our offering, “From the countless gifts we each have been given, gifts of life, and love, and sustenance, we bring these small portions to share in the works of love, which none of us can accomplish alone.” Our pledges are much the same: we each bring our portions, and together we share in the great works of love which the UUFC can accomplish. As a congregation and as a community, we can do more together than we can individually.


~Continue my current pledge

~Increase my current pledge

~New pledge

~I am unable to pledge this year

~Alternatively, you can download the pledge drive letter and pledge card and choose your pledge payment option


We are in the third year of our Capital Campaign and invite you to the Town Hall on April 28, 2019 to learn more about where we are in the Building Enhancement Project process. While your Annual Pledge is the single most important source of support for the Fellowship, we also ask everyone who hasn’t participated yet to consider an additional Capital Campaign Pledge for our Building Enhancement Project, above and beyond their Annual Pledge. Contact Business Manager, Jean Gilbert (businessmgr@uucorvallis.org) to contribute.