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God is a very big idea.

by Jill McAllister

This column was originally published in the Gazette-Times Interfaith Voices section on August 6, 2016. When I was a student preparing for ministry, I studied for several years at the Catholic seminary located at the Benedictine monastery near Mount Angel, the Mount Angel Seminary. It was a fascinating experience in multiculturalism, of being in a […]

Adult Religious Growth and Learning – by Ann Mbacke

by Jamie Petts

  Over the past few months, we have shared the seven principles and a brief description of what they mean; now let’s consider what they mean in action. Given the continued violence in the world around us – and, at times, within us – I have been going back to those who came before me […]

Between Us

by Jill McAllister

The roughly 250 years between 475 to 221 BCE in China are commonly referred to as the Period of Warring States. During this time, independent states and sub-states were nearly constantly at war, for power and hegemony. Social cohesiveness crumbled as self-interest within these factions began to rise. There were different views about the best […]