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The World of Technology & Emotion – by Leslie Chartier

by Jamie Petts

Ever get one of those emails that you read and your blood boils? What was that person thinking?? Perhaps it’s a quick cut to your self-esteem or integrity … maybe questioning your decisions in a way that makes you feel “less than.” Something is triggered and you want to click reply (or even better, reply […]

Lifespan Religious Exploration – by Michael Molk

by Jamie Petts

With a mixture of deep appreciation, sadness, and joy, I say goodbye to Ann Mbacke, who for the past two years has served as our Director of Adult Religious Growth and Learning. During Ann’s time at the Fellowship, adult religious education programs have flourished. Ann brought a wealth of knowledge, perspective, expertise, and passion to […]

Letter from Rev. Jill

by Jill McAllister

July 8, 2016 Dear all – I write to share a few thoughts at the end of this first week of July, another week full of life. I am reeling, and mourning today, from the news of more killing. I was already reeling at the report of two more black men killed. Now the news […]

Between Us – We Are Better Together

by Jill McAllister

I’m wrapping up four days at the UUA General Assembly in Columbus Ohio, along with Michael Molk, Susan Christie and Blaise Ntakarutimana. The General Assembly is the annual gathering of American UUs – thousands of us gathered in one place. This year the programing and worship have focused on the great need for us to […]