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A Little Learning Can Tear Down Walls

by Jill McAllister

This column was originally published in the Gazette-Times Interfaith Voices section on June 11, 2016. As part of my commitment to fostering more peace in the world, I teach a course in world religions at Oregon State University. Studying the major classical religious traditions of the world — Indigenous traditions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese traditions, Judaism, Christianity […]

An Ethic of Risk

by Jamie Petts

Written by Monica Jacobson-Tennessen In May our services touched on themes of risk and experimentation: from Thoreau’s adventure in minimalist life on Walden Pond, to imagining what our democratic congregational life might look like, to living into the change and loss that inevitably come with life itself, we have been considering how to embrace uncertainty. […]

Homesick for the Future: “What if it’s not ok?” by Rachel Brinker

by Jamie Petts

  UUFC member Rachel Brinker delivered this reflection as part of the “Homesick for the Future” service on May 22, 2016.   Before I had children, I listened to an hour or more of news every day, I identified as a climate activist. I even wrote my Master’s thesis on women and climate change and […]

Between Us …

by Jill McAllister

Congratulations to all of us, and thank-you for a great UUFC annual meeting on May 15! 180 members attended and participated. The notes about business transacted are elsewhere in this newsletter – I simply want to acknowledge the beauty of what happens between us when we gather to make our ideals real. The conversations were […]